Please get in touch if you have Qs or are interested in:

  • creative collaborations (advocacy and education projects are most welcome!)
  • securing a license for any of my artwork
  • commissions --apply here


phone #: (316) 644-7676

instagram: @maggiepchang

I’m a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in education and non-profit work. What I create is deeply inspired by life experiences and made with the hope of bringing positivity to people of all ages. I am constantly energized by nature, animals, words, community, and the human spirit. (I once spent a summer living with shepherds on a sheep farm in New Zealand after reading The Alchemist.) I believe in our youth, the power of storytelling, eco-honoring processes, dark chocolate, and most of all--kindness. 

As a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University’s Teachers College, I began my art career in art education in New York City. This included writing several interdisciplinary art curriculums for the New-York Historical Society and teaching children's book illustration, digital media, film/animation, graphic design, fashion, and watercolor painting to hundreds of awesome teen artists at LaGuardia Arts High School--NYC's acclaimed ”Fame” school.

Now, based out of Los Angeles, California, I'm expanding on my art education experiences by using my own creative powers for advocacy work. On top of giving to my beloved non-profits, making sense of my life through my personal art practice, and teaching, you can find me hosting gluten-free dinner parties, at a comedy club, or meditating and playing barefoot on the beach!


Ultimately, all I want is to cultivate connection and do my part to bring positivity into the world ...

"I'm seriously obsessed with your art!" -Pearl Ann

"... you helped me find my light when I was surrounded by a very dark cloud. I look to your work for comfort when i can't seem to find any, thank you." - Hajra

"OMG your art. God I love it so much. And your descriptions. EMOTIONS." -Dan